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== Books and Theses ==
== Books and Theses ==

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Books and Theses

Patterns of Safe Collaboration

Object-Capability Security in Virtual Environments

Image:Ewalnut-pink.gif E in a Walnut - This is a basic tutorial on the E language covering basic, distributed, and secure distributed programming.

Robust Composition - Towards a Unified Approach to Access Control and Concurrency Control. This is Mark Miller's PhD disseration, and it explains the rationale, philosophy, and goals of E and related systems.

Safe_Serialization_Under_Mutual_Suspicion (Wiki conversion in progress)


Tutorials - several short tutorials showing how to use E.

Quick Reference Card - Reminders of some useful patterns.



Capability-based Financial Instruments "An Ode to the Granovetter Diagram" - diagramming communication relationships.

Paradigm Regained: Abstraction Mechanisms for Access Control

Concurrency Among Strangers: Programming in E as Plan Coordination - by Mark S. Miller, E. Dean Tribble, Jonathan Shapiro. Explains E's concurrency control & distributed computing model.

Authority Analysis for Least Privilege Environments by Toby Murray and Gavin Lowe.

Talks and Presentations

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