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E-on-Java Download Page - licensed under Mozilla or Mozilla compatible open source license.

E on Common Lisp - Kevin Reid's implementation of E on Common Lisp.


The Subversion server at is used to maintain the E-on-Java source tree and the website.

The latest officialE' release is available at the download page.

At the 0-9-0 download page, besides the usual downloads, we have E releases built for linux-motif, linux-gtk, and mac-ppc (Mac OS X). Of these, only the first works with SWT.

On future E download pages starting with 0-9-1, we will no longer list placeholders for these other downloads. These are rarely built and posted in a timely manner anyway, and E always seems to build fine from sources on all these other platforms. If you have noticed problems building E on other platforms, please let the E-Lang mailing list know.

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