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This page contains some helpful tips for people who are planning on learning E.
This page contains some helpful tips for people who are planning on learning E.

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Where to start

  • You should have basic knowledge of Java and its class path system.
  • Download and install E
  • Read the Walnut - it is the most concise text on the E language and library.
  • Bookmark the ELib api.
  • Either download the E source or open the e.jar (for example with unzip) and take a look around.
  • You can get information about E objects by using the help() method. For example, open rune and enter:

? help([])

You will get information about the ConstList class and its methods.

  • Syntax-props-default.txt contains information about various language constructs not explained elsewhere at this point. In the E distribution, it is stored as: org.erights.e.elang.syntax/syntax-props-default.txt.
  • The source also contains a number of emakers that can be used when developing programs. For example:
    • org.erights.e.facet.makeStoneCast.emaker: An implementation of the Facets pattern
    • org.erights.e.facet.makeCaretaker.emaker: An implementation of the Revocable Capabilities pattern
    • org.erights.e.elib.slot.makeLamportSlot.emaker: An implementation of the EverReporter pattern/interface

Documentation and help

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