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See [1].

The LocatorUnum provides the authority to convert bits (a VatID and SwissNumber) into a capability (a CapTP live ref). Each Introducer has one presence of the LocatorUnum.



Signature: getRcvr(searchPath :SearchPath, vatID :VatID, swissNum :Swiss, optFarVine :any) :any

XXX In E-on-Java this is Java-defined as throws IOException, IndexOutOfBoundsException. Should this be documented as throwing? If it throws rather than returning broken, is this a being-consistently-eventual failure?

The basic operation underlying 'SturdyRef.getRcvr()'.

This is where a reference to a remote object actually gets the various underlying comm systems connected so that we can send messages.

getRcvr only works when we're onTheAir.


A list of places to try to find the vat
The vat from which the object reference should be obtained
The SwissNumber of the desired object
Optional object for holding onto a Remote reference via whoever we got it from long enough to fetch our own Remote reference via this lookup.
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