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__whenMoreResolved/1 is a Miranda message.


Signature: __whenMoreResolved(reactor :OneArgFunc) :void

The overall effect is to notify the reactor when the reference is resolved, or is closer to being resolved — in particular, when a resolution has changed its target to another vat. XXX poor terminology

If the recipient is a near ref, then the Miranda method should be:

to __whenMoreResolved(reactor) {
    reactor <- run(recipient)
    return null
? var r := null
> def ret := 1 <- __whenMoreResolved(fn x { r := x + 1 })
> interp.waitAtTop(ret)
> ret
# value: <Promise>

? r
# value: 2

? [ret]
# value: [null]

XXX Above tests do not check for reactor<-run rather than reactor.run

If the recipient is a local promise then it should buffer and forward the message normally.

If the recipient is a remote promise then XXX Specify the CapTP-related behavior.

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