Object-capability languages

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Independent or Prior Objcap Languages

Related to E

Relationships of E and other languages
Base language E Implementation Adapted to objcaps
Java E-on-Java Joe-E Waterken AsyncObjects
Mozart/Oz Oz-E
C/C++ MC
Smallcaps E-on-Smallcaps
Squeak E-on-Squeak SecureSqueak SqueakElibVM
Common Lisp E-on-CL CL-E
OCaml Emily
Haskell E-on-Haskell Caps in Haskell
Python Twisted Python FoolsCap Secure Python
Perl CaPerl
Pict Tamed Pict
E E-on-E
Javascript Caja ADsafe FBJSVats on Gears

Also applicable to ML and Haskell style systems: Lightweight Static Capabilities

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