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Agoric opaque box Capability-based Active Invocation Certificates

Walnut is here:

<b>Using</b> nowiki
<b>Using</b> pre instead of nowiki

normal text

Using code instead of nowiki

more normal text

<pre><b>Using</b> pre inside of nowiki</pre>
<b>Using</b> nowiki inside of pre

"This is in quotes."

How to do interwiki links:

E on Wikipedia

E on the C2 wiki

And now for something completely different.

Security Shootout

Object-capability languages

Object-capability operating systems

Cryptographic-capability protocols

Distributed object-capability systems

Standard updoc prelude

Standard updoc prelude for awt and swing

Standard updoc prelude for swt


It's that classic love triangle: Image:erights_send.gif

This is just some anonymous text.

And this is an anonymous link:

And logged in as 'me', this should be fine:

And now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country.


File:4chan shiny device.jpg


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