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Updoc is a tool for creating checkable documentation and regression tests.

Please read more about it here: http://www.erights.org/elang/tools/updoc.html

E specification

The E specification contained in this wiki incorporates a test suite written in Updoc.

Updoc syntax and behavior

XXX write the rest of this

An updoc test failure occurs when the actual answers resulting from evaluation are not equal (except for stack traces) to the expected answers written in the test script.

XXX Note: E-on-Java currently permits the actual "value" answer to be anything if the script does not contain one. We have decided that this behavior is too hazardous (hiding leaks) but it has not yet been fixed.


In the Updoc environment, the text printed via the output objects stdout, stderr, print, and println is part of the results checked.

Semantics: stdout and stderr write to separate buffers. At the following times in the execution of each step, the contents of each buffer, if nonempty, are moved into answers named "stdout" and "stderr":

  • after evaluation of the step, but before the value is printed
  • after interp.waitAtTop/blockAtTop pauses and after all turns queued by the step have executed, but before the evaluation of the next step

XXX Review whether this definition matches E-on-CL and E-on-Java

Line breaks and buffers:

? stdout.print("a")
# stdout: a

? stdout.print("a\n")
# stdout: a

? stdout.print("a"); stderr.print("b")
# stdout: a

# stderr: b


? stdout.print("a"); stdout <- print("b"); "c"
# stdout: a

# value: "c"

# stdout: b

? # This step should have no output.

print and println:

? println("a", "b"); print("c", "d")
# stdout: ab
#         cd
This page is a stub; it should be expanded with more information. If doing so, check the original E web site and the mailing list archives for content which could be moved into this page.
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