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I'm using E for two separate projects:

  • At IT Innovation, for some of our experimental work on service oriented architectures.
  • At, as a demonstrator showing how to use 0install to run sandboxed applications with distributed dependency handling.


I publish my patches to my E Git repository. The next branch generally contains things I consider ready for merging into the E svn repository.

Other patches/branches:

  • Make CapTP shutdown when its vat is shutdown (on next)
  • Various possible optimisations are on the compiler branch (these mostly have only a small benefit or don't work fully; otherwise I push them to next)
  • Split Scope into Scope (internal data structure for the E interpreter, including local variables, etc) and EEnv (simpler structure exposed to E code, replacing safeScope, etc). This avoids the need to tame access to these objects and hopefully makes the code easier to read.
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