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See [1].

Example: How to create a new Vat

# value: ["3DES_SDH_M2", "3DES_SDH_M"]

? def  seedVatAuthor := <elang:interp.seedVatAuthor>(<unsafe>).virtualize((introducer))
# value: <virtualSeedVat>

? def scriptSource:="def run(thing) {println(`Thing: $thing`)}"
# value: "def run(thing) {println(`Thing: $thing`)}"

? def [scriptObj, vat] := seedVatAuthor(scriptSource)
# value: [<Promise>, <Vat newVirtualSeedVat in <runs in newVirtualSeedVat>>]

? scriptObj<-run("Hello Vat")
# value: <Remote Promise>

? Thing: Hello Vat
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