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ConstList is one of E's standard table types, and a subtype of EList. A ConstList holds an arbitrary number of references in a particular order, and allows typically constant-time access to any element (identified by number).

A ConstList is PassByCopy, and therefore Selfless.

The ConstList maker is available in the safeScope as __makeList. (XXX should it be acceptable style for ordinary code to mention __makeList, or should it be reserved for expansions?)

The ConstList guard is available in the safeScope as List


Maker protocol


run(...) :ConstList

Returns a ConstList whose elements are the arguments.


The majority of ConstList's protocol is that of EList. (XXX or is it all?)

XXX not written

Guard protocol

Template:Guard msgdoc

Returns a guard which yields only ConstLists whose elements coerce by elementType.

XXX describe element coercion behavior

This page is a stub; it should be expanded with more information. If doing so, check the original E web site and the mailing list archives for content which could be moved into this page.
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