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For more info on E in general, go to the E Home Page.

This wiki is run by Ansible. General discussion of the E wiki is on the E-lang mailing list.

All content of this wiki, unless otherwise attributed, is placed in the Public Domain. No guarantee is made about the accuracy of the content.


Please help us back up the contents of the wiki.

We've got nightly dump set up to run on the database. We are running a mysqldump and just excluding the wikidb.user table. Even though the passwords are hashed, we thought it would be a bad idea to make that public.

The contents of the dump are stored in the document root. So you can retrieve the latest dump by running:


You may want to use the '-r' option to wget so that the old dump will be overwitten.

Ideally, several people would set this up to run out of cron. I'm looking at you. Yes... you!

The backup is set to run at 12:45am CST each day, It only takes a minute to run now, but as time goes by, the database will get larger. So maybe set it to download the dump around 3am CST. Please space out the download times.

People doing dumps

  • 3:15am CST --Ansible 20:18, 28 November 2006 (CST)
  • 10:00am GMT --Toby Murray 18:47, 20 March 2008 (GMT)
  • 12:30am Eastern-or-Pacific-depending —Kevin Reid 10:07, 26 July 2011 (CDT)
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