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deSubgraphKit is the Data-E kit which deals with actual objects.

? def deSubgraphKit := <import:org.erights.e.elib.serial.deSubgraphKit>
# value: <deSubgraphKit>


The implementation of deSubgraphKit in E-on-Java had bugs which caused it to accept non-strings as unenv values.

? def r := deSubgraphKit.makeRecognizer(null, [
>   "foo" => 0,    # Integer should not refer to a temporary, but error
>   "bar" => null, # Null should not be treated as nonexistent, but error
>   "baz" => "false",  # Normal entry, for comparison
> ]); null

? r.recognize("foo", deSubgraphKit.makeBuilder())
# problem: <ClassCastException: Integer doesn't coerce to a String>

? r.recognize("bar", deSubgraphKit.makeBuilder())
# problem: <NullPointerException: must be a String rather than null>
? r.recognize("baz", deSubgraphKit.makeBuilder())
# value: false

XXX The above errors are E-on-Java-specific wording.

This page is a stub; it should be expanded with more information. If doing so, check the original E web site and the mailing list archives for content which could be moved into this page.
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