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E-on-Java Download Page - licensed under Mozilla or Mozilla compatible open source license.

E on Common Lisp - Kevin Reid's implementation of E on Common Lisp.


The Subversion server at is currently down, and is expected to stay down till 12/30/06. This is the server used to maintain the E-on-Java source tree and the website.

The latest officialE' release is still available at the download page. However, if you plan to make submittable changes to the source tree, you may want to wait until the Subversion server is back up.

At the 0-9-0 download page, besides the usual downloads, we have E releases built for linux-motif, linux-gtk, and mac-ppc (Mac OS X). Of these, only the first works with SWT.

On future E download pages starting with 0-9-1, we will no longer list placeholders for these other downloads. These are rarely built and posted in a timely manner anyway, and E always seems to build fine from sources on all these other platforms. If you have noticed problems building E on other platforms, please let the E-Lang mailing list know.

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