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* [[Downloads#Subversion|Subversion]] - development code
* [[Downloads#Subversion|Subversion]] - development code
See [[:Category:Applications]].
== [[Erights:Community Portal|Community]] ==
== [[Erights:Community Portal|Community]] ==

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Welcome to the wiki.

E is a secure, distributed, pure-object platform and P2P scripting language for writing Capability-based Smart Contracts.

Getting Started

Getting Started - Tips for E newbies

What's New?

Google Techtalk series on ABAC - Authorization Based Access Control.

Future research topics





e-lang mailing list - discussion of E and other capability languages.

cap-talk mailing list - discussion of general issues regarding capability security.

#erights IRC channel - On the #erights IRC channel at, you can talk to a running instance of E as well as elang-ers online. Try saying "? 2+3".


Related Sites

Main site

E on Wikipedia

Object-capability languages

Combex, Inc. - The for-profit facet of the E project, featuring CapDesk -- the capability secure desktop, and caplet installation and launching framework.

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