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A resolver is an object providing the ability to resolve a promise.

A resolver does not allow retrieving the reference to which a promise has been resolved; in E (but not in ref_send), a resolver allows observing whether resolution has occurred.




Signature: resolve(resolution) :void

Resolves the promise to resolution, or throws if it is already resolved.


Signature: resolveRace(_) :Boolean

Resolves the promise to resolution and returns true, or returns false if it is already resolved.


Signature: smash(problem) :Boolean

Equivalent to resolveRace(Ref.broken(problem)).


Signature: resolve(resolution, strict :Boolean) :Boolean

(Deprecated as of 2007-05-30: User:Markm, User:Kevin Reid, and Dean Tribble agree this interface is inferior to resolve/1 and resolveRace/1.)

Resolves the promise to resolution and returns true, or if it is already resolved, returns false if strict is false or throws if it is true.


Signature: isDone() :Boolean

Returns whether the promise is already resolved.


Signature: gettingCloser() :void

Has no visible effect; used by causality tracing. Claims that something happened such that this resolver is closer to getting resolved.

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