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This page is a catalog of web sites, repositories, and other services pertaining to the ERights project. It is intended to assist in assessing the health of the project and make sure that historical data is not lost.

Service Administrators Dependencies (servers, companies) Notes (backups, etc)
Mailing lists (e-lang and cap-talk) Jonathan S. Shapiro Both mailing lists and archives DNS Mark Miller, XXX any others? XXX hosting/content Mark Miller, XXX any others? XXX James Graves (ansible) XXX See Erights:About for information about database backups.
E Subversion repository: svn:// Dean Tribble XXX Contents:
  • content
  • E-on-Java source code
  • Horton source code and paper
  • Joe-E source code

Kevin Reid has a private svnsync mirror of the entire repository and a public git-svn mirror of the E-on-Java component.

E-on-Java bug tracker Mark Miller, Darius Bacon, Kevin Reid, Marc Stiegler, Steve Jenson, Terry Stanley
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