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Build your Own uriGetter

So you think it would be cool to access your own data using the syntax of the style <getter:description>. No sweat: just implement an object with the single method get(description), and assign it to a variable with the name xxx__uriGetter:

 # E sample
 def myDir := <file:/home/usr/me/myDir>
 def myDir__uriGetter {
     to get(objectPath) {
         return myDir[objectPath]
 def myFile := <myDir:theFileOfMyDreams.txt>

EAction and the trouble with listener callbacks

the entropy random number generator

Instead of using
def x := blah; if (blah != null) {...},
instead use
if (blah =~ x:notNull) {...}

for java calls to objects using deflectors on eventlistener interfaces, the calls are converted into sends

having multiple constructors and inheritance at the same time

Rights amplification

how to wait on a device like a socket

building your own quasiparsers

weak pointers

operators for twine like split and rjoin

twine versus string, run versus substring, etc.

Note that the revoker system presented earlier only works if the facetized object and the revokable user are not collaborating; if they are collaborating, use membranes.

S-expression/XML quasi-parser

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