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This page is a whiteboard about [this thread] that Chip Morningstar started on the cap-talk mailing list.


The problem

"No! That isn't what I meant!"

Use- and Abuse-Cases

For each: how does it come up? How to enable or prevent?

Doh, these should be subsections instead of a bulleted list, would appreciate if someone can make them so.

* [Clickjacking]
* Meant to show friend how to withdraw from her bank account.
* Get a powerful key, accidentally email to the wrong person.
* Process of purposely giving away a powerful key?
* Process of receiving a powerful key
* What's the equivalent of the file-open dialog box?

Browser properties needed

Are current browsers' basic abilities sufficient? Maybe with existing plugins? If not, what bits of software have to be there, or what pernicious bits need to be removed?

What do users assume? How do they behave?

What do developers assume? How do they behave?

Does security depend on developers never copy-and-pasting the wrong, but intuitive bit of Javascript or HTML?

Larger infrastructure

Mention Waterken.

If users give away powerful capabilities on purpose, then how are the following managed?

 *  Friends' identities
 *  Capabilities that have been handed out

Code samples

Might want to put some advice about how to quote HTML and Javascript code here.

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