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Whiteboards are pages that members of various E and Capabilities discussions can hash stuff out upon.

Whiteboard means, like a wiki page only more purposely, visibly and messily so.

Might invent some etiquette. For instance: don't just erase someone else's content. Maybe stages like: add comment about why it's not needed/obsolete/resolved/off-topic etc., discuss on whatever list, reduce font size, finally move to a "resolved" section.

To create a whiteboard: edit this page, add a link to the new whiteboard, save, then click the link. Probably put a first sentence saying the new page is a whiteboard, with link back to here.

  • Webkeys vs the web: How can a way to convey capabilities in URLs be used to make useable user-facing web pages without vulnerabilities like clickjacking?
  • Arbitrary code execution service: Can we put third parties into the cloud, or otherwise commodify them?
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